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We are part of the School of Biological Sciences at The University of Queensland. Please browse our website to find out more about our research, our people and about possibilities to join our group!


5/2/2018: Ian Gooi joins our lab as Honours student. He will perform evolution experiments to investigate the evolution of multidrug resistance in Acinetobacter baylyi. Welcome Ian!

28/9/2017: Shimul successfully completed his PhD. He is now moving to the UK to start a postdoc position at the University of Liverpool. Congratulations Shimul!

27/9/2017: New review paper out in Proceedings B on reversing drug resistance, highlighting the diversity of routes to loosing resistance and similarities across a wide range of pathogens. Joint work with Richard Allen, Alex Hall, Sebastian Bonhoeffer and Bruce McDonald from ETH Zurich.

1/4/2017: Welcome to new PhD student Ehsan Sanei! Ehsan joined our group to work on Wolbachia-host coevolution.

21/3/2017: New paper on evolutionary processes in automictic populations accepted in Genetics! This paper had a gestation period dwarving that of elephants, so great it’s finally seeing the light of day.

1/1/2017: Welcome to new PhD student Nicole Fortuna! After two undergraduate research projects and Honours, we are happy for Nicole to stay for a few more years.

15/11/2016: The second part of Jan’s sabbatical started, visiting Tanja Stadler’s Computational Evolution group at ETH in Basel, Switzerland. Great group to interact with and learn about phylogenetics.

26/10/2016: New paper out in Proceedings B, detailing James’ Honours work on recombination rate evolution in populations undergoing adaptive divergence.

12/9/2016: Two new papers out in Philosophical Transactions B themed issue on “Weird Sex”.  One is on evolutionary mysteries in meiosis and the other on the mysteries of natural transformation in bacteria.

15/8/2016: Jan started a sabbatical in Isabel Gordo’s group at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência near Lisbon, Portugal. Fantastic place to be!

8/2/2016: Welcome to Nicole and Mark who started their Honours in our lab!

28/1/2016: New review paper out in TREE, on “Recombination rate evolution and the origin of species”. Our first (but definitely not last) joint paper with Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos!

4/11/2015: James finished his Honours degree (1st class), congratulations!

4/11/2015: New paper accepted in The ISME Journal, with collaborators Klaus Harms and Paal Johnsen! In this paper, we develop a mathematical model for why integrons – gene capture and re-shuffling devices found in many bacteria – are evolutionarily maintained in spite of the fitness costs they entail.
(Engelstädter et al., The evolutionary dynamics of integrons in changing environments, The ISME Journal, in press)

25/6/2015: Nick finished his Honours degree (1st class), congratulations!

13/5/2015: New paper published in Science Translational Medicine, with collaborator Pia Abel zur Wiesch as the first author. This paper provides a new perspective on how antibiotics operate and may explain phenomena such as persisters and density-dependent drug action. Great to have played a small part in this exciting project!
(Abel zur Wiesch et al. Classic reaction kinetics can explain complex patterns of antibiotic action, Science Transl Med 7, Issue 287, pp. 287.)

9/2/2015: Welcome to James Reeve who started Honours in our group! Jointly supervised by Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos, James will work on models for the evolution of recombination rates during speciation.

17/9/2014: New theory paper by Jan accepted in The American Naturalist on “Host-parasite coevolutionary dynamics with generalized success/failure infection genetics”.

28/7/2014: Welcome to Nick Smith who has started his Honours in our group! Nick will be working on mathematical models to better understand the spread of parthenogenesis in honeybees.

23/7/2014: Jan was awarded an ARC Future Fellowship! Over the next four years, Jan will focus on investigating the role of recombination in bacterial adaptation.

29/5/2014: New paper accepted in BMC Evolutionary Biology!
(Moradigaravand & Engelstädter. The impact of natural transformation on adaptation in spatially structured bacterial populations.
BMC Evolutionary Biology, in press.)

5/5/2014: New paper accepted in PLOS Genetics, with Danesh as the lead author!
(Moradigaravand, D. et al. Recombination accelerates adaptation on a large-scale empirical fitness landscape in HIV-1, PLOS Genetics, in press)

14/4/2014: Welcome to Melani Vial, who over the next few weeks will be working on an undergraduate project in our group, investigating natural transformation in A. baylyi.

25/3/2014: Danesh has successfully defended his PhD thesis at ETH Zurich and will soon be Dr. Moradigaravand. Congratulations Danesh!

12/2/2014: New theory paper accepted on the evolution of antibiotic resistance!
(Engelstädter, J. Fitness landscapes emerging from pharmacodynamic functions in the evolution of multidrug resistance, Journal of Evolutionary Biology, in press.)

8/11/2013: Daniel Ortiz-Barientos from UQ and Jan were awarded an ARC Discovery Grant! Over the next three years, we will collaborate on a project investigating the evolutionary interplay between recombination and speciation.

25/10/2013: New paper accepted in Proceedings B, with a daring SciFi title but hopefully containing an interesting idea.
(Engelstädter, J. & Moradigaravand, D. Adaptation through genetic time travel? Fluctuating selection can drive the evolution of bacterial transformation, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, in press.)

14/10/2013: New paper accepted in Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences!
(Pessia, E., Engelstädter, J. & Marrais G.A.B. The evolution of X chromosome inactivation in mammals: the demise of Ohno’s hypothesis?
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, in press.)

22/07/2013: Welcome to Maddie & Beth, who started working in our group!

15/05/2013: Another paper accepted in The American Naturalist!
(Moradigaravand, D. & Engelstädter, J. The evolution of natural competence: disentangling costs and benefits of sex in bacteria. The American Naturalist, in press.)

17/04/2013: Welcome to Shimul, who started a PhD in our group to work on the evolution of antibiotic resistance.

11/02/2013: The University of Queensland’s Early Career Researcher Grant awarded! This grant will help getting experiments started that will investigate the evolution of multidrug resistance in bacteria.

27/12/2012: Paper accepted in The American Naturalist!
(Nor, I., Engelstädter, J., Duron, O., Reuter, M., Sagot, M.-F. , Charlat, S. On the genetic architecture of cytoplasmic incompatibility: inference from phenotypic data. The American Naturalist, in press.)

25/10/2012: New paper out in PLOS Computational Biology!
(Moradigaravand, D. & Engelstädter, J. The effect of bacterial recombination on adaptation on fitness landscapes with limited peak accessibility. PLoS Computational Biology 8: e1002735)