Group photo May 2015. From left to right: Nicole Fortuna, James Reeve, Beth Brittain, Jan Engelstädter, Angie Nguyen Vu, Shimul Chowdhury Mehedi, Nicholas Smith

Group leader: Jan Engelstädter

PhD students: Shimul Chowdhury Mehedi, Nicole Fortuna, Ehsan Sanaei

Honours students: Ian Gooi

Co-supervised PhD students: Beth Brittain (primary supervisor: Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos), Maddie James (primary supervisor: Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos), Oleksandra Silayeva (primary supervisor: Andy Barnes), Henry Arena-Castro (primary supervisor: Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos)

Alumni: Nick Smith (Honours student, now PhD student at U Sydney, James Reeve (Hons student, now PhD student at the University of Calgary), Mark Chan (Honours student), Angie Nguyen Vu (lab manager, now at Griffith University)